HTC TOUCH DIAMOND 2 review (quick review)

15 April, 2009 Category : HTC
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HTC TOUCH DIAMOND was launched last year and made great success. HTC listened to each and every demand of the people and have tried to implement them in the next version of the Touch Diamond, THE TOUCH DIAMOND 2.

The Touch Diamond 2 comes with 3.2-inch WVGA display, 5 MP auto-focus camera and improved battery life (over the original HTC DIAMOND).



Gone is the D-Pad and huge send and receive buttons. The send and receive buttons are much smaller. Also, the home key has been replaced by a dedicated windows key. That said, the home key function can be called by pressing the end key, which will take you back to the home screen of TouchFlo 3D.


On the left side of the device, you will find the volume buttons to adjust the volume up/down. On the top resides the power button. Just below the display, you will find the zoom bar, which zooms the text in Opera as-well-as in the other applications.


Camera Quality

As said earlier, the Touch Diamond 2 comes with a 5MP auto-focus camera. For the sake of comparison, the original Touch Diamond came with a 3.2MP camera. We would like to point out that there is still NO flash in the Touch Diamond 2. Here are some pictures taken with the camera of Touch Diamond 2.

image_001 image_002 image_008
Comparison with Touch HD, Touch Diamond and Touch Pro



As we can see, the Touch Diamond (original one) is still the most slim device. However, the Touch Diamond 2 gains some millimeters, but by that HTC was able to fit in a 1100mAh battery.

Some Videos

Hardware Tour

credit: Julian from (submitted by contact form)

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Yuanes April 15, 2009

Thanks short but a great review!

theos April 15, 2009

Thanks, nice videos !

Maria April 15, 2009

I love my diamond but will upgrade to this ASA this becomes available in my area

Edward April 15, 2009

Wow you have the same laptop/desktop as me! I’m using the Asus M50sv with a 20″ monitor!

Chen April 15, 2009

When will HTC Touch Pro 2 review be available?

admin April 15, 2009

Very soon! Stay tuned

Jonathan April 16, 2009

Does the Touch Diamond2 still have the magnetic stylus like the original Touch Diamond?

Julian April 16, 2009

No, no magnetic stylus in the touch diamond2, you can see this on the videos :)

Don’t know why they left this out, but it seems that the stylus will not fall out of the device so no worry :)

admin April 16, 2009

No. The TOUCH DIAMOND 2 does not have a magnetic stylus unlike TOUCH HD, TOUCH DIAMOND OR PRO

FRD April 16, 2009

And can you recharge your battery via the usb connection? (instead of the normal charger)

I want to buy a smartphone but i’m doubting between Xperia X1 and Diamond2, the xperia has some more features i like (photo-flash, 3.5mm audio output, keyboard) but I prefer the diamond2 for it’s style :), the on screen keyboard seems working good and I think I will take a bluetooth headset :)
maybe you can make a comparison or something?

admin April 16, 2009

Yes, you can charge via USB connection

Mas April 22, 2009

What type of Jack does the Diamond 2 have for earphones? Is it still mini USB?

admin April 22, 2009

Yes, it is still mini-usb

abandonedass May 6, 2009

can u store videos into the diamond2?what about photos?

admin May 6, 2009

Of course you can!

Matt May 14, 2009

I love my Touch Diamond 2 way more than my Touch Pro. Never thought I could do without a keyboard, but no worries, especially for chinese input. And the camera is fantastic (the Touch Pro camera was unusable).

nicole May 21, 2009

i just bought diamond 2, everything is fantastic, only battery life runnung fast… may i;m quite heavy usage…

ans May 21, 2009

no it hasn’t

John December 11, 2009

HTC always makes the most powerfull windows mobile smartphones, the latest one has 1G CPU, 448 RAM and 4.3′ screen, OMG, is it a mobile phone monster or what?

Windows Phone HTC HD 7 March 3, 2011

Beautiful HTC phone!I like it.

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