Windows Mobile 7 RTM and Office Mobile 7 release date LEAKED!

10 October, 2009 Category : News
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Microsoft is soon going to make the Windows 7 official in few days from now, but what about Windows Mobile 7? Well, we have some tasty Windows Mobile 7 news for you all. Microsoft is going to release RTM release of Windows Mobile 7 in the month of April 2010. This means that to see the final version, we will need to wait till September or October of 2010 to see Windows Mobile 7 on our devices.


..and a couple of screenshots showing Windows Mobile 7’s concentration on use of gestures


Without a doubt, Microsoft itself must be feeling bad about the publicity they got after the release of Windows Mobile 6.5, which is a dot upgrade. We think that Microsoft has not made ANY substantial, improvements since Windows Mobile 5. Infact, Windows Mobile 6, also did not bring anything special to brag about. The Windows Mobile 7 telephone system is supposed to rival the other mobile operating
systems. Let’s hope Microsoft gets it right this time.

[via microsoft kitchen and ppcgeeks]

credit: Sean VanSickle (via email)

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danthman2000 October 10, 2009


admin October 10, 2009

Shibby, yes,but how functional would that be is a big question

John February 3, 2010

Windows Mobile 6.5 rules, i love bill gates and his whole family

Thomas February 26, 2010

I think it’s cool. Look at the videos on youtube about it now.

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